Enable location intelligence decision making

Using Pitney Bowes Spectrum Location Intelligence

Benefit from Powerful Address Geo-Coding and Geo-Spacial Information to reduce risk and improve both operation and customer satisfaction.

Combine business and geospatial information to gain a true view of your business and customers, while solving the most complex business problems. Verify locations and transform location insights into valuable business intelligence to reduce risk, increase customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

Link maps, charts and graphs in



With the use of combined maps, charts and graphs you can display linked data in different views. This scenario generation capability allows you to perform real-time “what if” analysis on your data, then share it in a variety of digital formats and printouts to your team and beyond.


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Easy-to-use, interactive hot spot map creation


MapInfo Crime Profiler gives you the ability to work with and represent subsets of specific crime data by series, type, time, locale or other characteristics. Create interactive maps that allow you to instantly see how different spatial and temporal settings change the representation of your data. This lets you discover hidden patterns and spot trends and relationships so you can take fast action to stop crimes before they happen.


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Create maps in a variety of formats


With MapInfo Crime Profiler you can deliver mapping capabilities in a wide range of formats and types; aerial photography, street maps, demographics, segmentation maps and more. If you receive data in different formats from various internal or external sources, Crime Profiler consolidates it and brings it to life.


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From tactical to strategic


Crime Profiler is suitable for all forms of visualisation and analysis. This can range from the tactical planning of local initiatives such as an investigation into a particular incident or offender, a targeted crime prevention campaign in a particular area or even for high level force wide strategic planning.


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Spectrum Spatial for BI


Gain insight from spatial data within your Business Intelligence Systems.


Add the power of Location to your business intelligence - create and centrally manage maps, spatial data and location-based services across your entire enterprise.


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